All-New BMW M4 Convertible Gets Awesome Official Video

It’s… beautiful. With that song and those shots, they’re definitely pushing for the “manly” market. Even if soft-tops don’t always lend themselves to that.

The new BMW Convertible M4 looks set to make a mark, especially with this kind of introductory video, (so what if it’s kind of corny?).

The roof can be lowered in 20 seconds, reaching speeds of 8mph itself. Crikey. It also comes with a lovely “Air Collar”, to keep your neck nice and toasty when the roof is down. Perfect.

The engine is of course, what matters. It’s still beasty, boasting a twin-turbo-charged, 3.0 litre straight-six; the same found in the M4 Coupe and M3 Saloon. This produces 431bhp, and 406lb of torque.

Have a gander at some of the images below, alongside the video. Get pumped.

m41 m42 m42 m43 m44

Written by Lewis Shaw

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