How did a Ford Mustang get to the top of the Empire State Building?

The Ford Mustang celebrated its 50th birthday in style this week… on top of New York’s iconic Empire State Building.

Onlookers were confused as to how the yellow Mustang made it up there.

Most people asked by CNN thought it was lowered down to the observation deck by ‘helicopter’. In fact, the car travelled up the 86 floors in an elevator.

How did it fit? It was cut into 6 pieces and then assembled overnight at the top of the building, before being revealed to the amazed public.


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For many, it brings back memories of the same stunt carried out in 1965. Back then the car was smaller and was only cut into 3 pieces, but Ford have tried to stick to the original campaign as much as possible to celebrate this classic car.It’s clearly effective and news of this publicity stunt has spread like wildfire, wowing onlookers just as Ford intended! Wouldn’t everyone like to celebrate their 50th in style, on top of one of the world’s most famous buildings!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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