Chewbacca racing an AC Cobra is a sight to behold! (VIDEO)

Chewbacca sighting at autocross in an AC Cobra

 “May the fourth be with you,” said every Star Wars geek at least a dozen times last weekend. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of crossover between Star Wars geeks and car geeks, especially the kind who like to spend their weekends driving fast cars around small parking lots. Sometimes, that geek-squared mentality yields moments of greatness.

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This is one of those times.

There’s really nothing to this aside from Chewbacca taking a ride in David Lousteau’s AC Cobra clone around an autocross course in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Star Wars Day. To get ahead of the safety nuts among you: yes, Chewbacca (Kenny Hiegel) was wearing a helmet under his outfit. (And yes, he appears to have a very weak neck).

And yes, this was even more awesome to see in person.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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