Is This A Murder on Google Street View?

Someone with a keen eye browsing images in Edinburgh came across a grizzly scene on Giles Street. They were shocked to see a crazed man standing over a body holding an axe. The quickly phoned the police to alert them after witnessing this axe murder on google street view.

Scottish detectives investigated the apparent ‘Murder on Google Street View’ and discovered both the victim and the killer alive and well.

Spotting an unique opportunity to play a prank when a Google Street View car cam past, 56 year old Dan Thompson, manager of a car garage and one of his young mechanics, Gary Kerry, grabbed an axe and recreated a axe murder scene.

They had all but forgotten about it for a few months until police detectives showed up to question them about the staged murder. Thankfully for pair of Scottish prankster, the Police saw the funny side.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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