Private School Snapchats: Posh Teens and Their Supercar Problems


There is an account on Facebook called Private School Snapchats where rich kids share Snapchat photos of “what happens in private schools.”

The group collects posts from a selection of rich kids on Snapchat and it is clear that they live a very different life from the rest of us. When you can’t decide what supercar to take to school and where a Ferrari is standard for a birthday present it it clear that these kids are out of touch with reality.

Take a look a the rides below and see for yourself.

WARNING: some of these rich kids snapchats may cause anger and instant rage.

RichKidsNap-02 RichKidsNap-03 RichKidsNap-05 RichKidsNap-07 RichKidsNap-08 RichKidsNap-09 RichKidsNap-14 RichKidsNap-16 RichKidsNap-17 RichKidsNap-18 Private School Teens and Their First World Supercar Problems RichKidsNap-30 Private-School-Snapchats Private-School-Snapchats Private School Teens and Their First World Supercar Problems RichKidsNap-40 Private-School-Snapchats Private-School-Snapchats-supercars Private-School-Snapchats Private-School-Snapchats

Sometimes supercars aren’t extravagant enough:

Facebook: PrivateSchoolSnapchats



Written by Lewis Shaw


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