Young Driver Miraculously Survives Crash, Splitting His Lamborghini Gallardo In Half (VIDEO)

gallardo split in half in crash

A young Lamborghini Gallardo driver speeding on wet roads dramatically lost control of his vehicle, hitting a tree.The high-speed impact tore the Lamborghini in half,  with the engine left on the road and the front compartment containing the two men rolling safely into a ditch.

Unbelievably, both driver and passenger walked away with only minor injuries. Even more unbelievable is that they consider it a miracle as he had just left a Buddist temple where he picked up an (now very lucky) amulet that he believed saved him from injury.

Lamborghini Gallardo split in half Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 15.29.29 Lamborghini Gallardo split in half Lamborghini Gallardo split in half

Source: Phitsanulok Hot News 

Written by Lewis Shaw

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