Daughter Reunites Stepfather With A Porsche (VIDEO)

Project cars don’t always work out the way one would hope. Time, money, and life can get in the way. Still, if giving up a project car means you get to marry the woman of your dreams and then raise her daughter, it’s the right thing to do. That’s what a man named Dave did. Years ago, he had a 1973 Porsche 914. He gave up the car, sold it off in parts, and walked away from it.

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Clearly that move paid off, because he raised a wonderful daughter named Kristin.

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She worked hard, saved money, and tracked down a nearly identical Porsche 914 for her step-dad. The car was found in Arizona, which hopefully means it’s a rust-free example, and it was then put on a transporter bound for Philadelphia. Kristin gave Dave a Father’s Day card to thank for being such a good dad. Then it was time to give him the real present. The cameras were rolling, and Dave’s reaction is priceless, once he finds out that the Porsche parked there is for him.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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