Deadmau5 Becomes Uber Driver for a Night in New McLaren

Deadmau5 Becomes Uber Driver

Does Uber get any cooler? If you’re in Toronto and are stuck for a ride, be sure to use Uber and Deadmau5 (aka Zoel Zimmerman) may pick you up in his new McLaren. What was thought of as a good joke proved to be a unimaginable reality last night as new Uber driver deadmau5 took to the streets in his $350,000 dollar whip.

The brand new McLaren 650S has been dubbed the ‘Meowclaren‘ after his infamous fall out with Ferrari over his ‘Purruri.’ This was an sweet PR move from Uber as the superstar DJ is the talk of social media at the moment. 

One young guy was lucky enough to get the Uber ride of his life on the way to Chipotle. How cool is that?

The deadmau5 McLaren 650up close and personal:

deadmau5 mclaren 650


Written by Lewis Shaw

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