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Experience The Legacy and the Road | Land Rover USA (VIDEO)

Land Rover is equally at home on highway and trail. While Land Rover excels on any pathway, they excel in forging their own. Land Rover brings their Legacy and the Road campaign into full swing to highlight their focus on the pioneering aspect of their classic designs.

Take the Range Rover Sport, for instance. The 2014 model has been lightened by nearly 1000 pounds, exchanging the old steel frame for aluminum. This, and other fundamental design changes, increase performance in all environments, while promoting efficiency.

Similar innovation is the standard for all products on Land Rovers line of industry classics. They will continue to forge new paths, while their customers do the same. With its continued commitment to quality, beauty, and utility, Land Rover’s customers will be going wherever the road takes them (and beyond) for years to come.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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