The Different Styles Of Rims For Cars And Trucks

When you own a car or a truck you might be really into making your car or truck look the best you can by adding extras onto the vehicle.  One of the ways to make your vehicle look its best is by making the wheels look the best.  Another word of wheels is the rims of the car or truck.  Rims can make your car go from looking like every other car on the road to giving it a custom look.  The rims on your car or truck can help to put fun back into your driving experience or even help you to win a race.  There are many different types of rims in the collection that involve various styles, sizes and finishes that will give you the look that you are trying to accomplish.

American Racing VN105D Torg-Thrust D Gray Wheels

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One of the most popular rims available to customers today is the American Racing VN1-5D Torg-Thrust D Gray Wheels.  These More on custom Powder Coated rims are made from aluminum and are gray in color with a matte finish.  This is one of the things that makes these rims so popular.  The wheel size is fifteen inches in diameter and eight inches in width.  They can be found in stores if you are shopping in Ohio, Georgia or Nevada or you can order them online.

Boss 338 Super Finish Gray Wheels
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If you are looking for a sleek look for your vehicle you might be interested in the Boss 338 Super Finish Gray Wheels.  These wheels are eighteen inches in diameter with a width of eight inches.  They are also made of aluminum that is gray in color but when compared to the American Racing wheels they have a gloss finish rather than a matte finish therefore they will appear shinier.  Whether you have a newer car or an older model you will be able to give it the look that you are trying to accomplish through these rims.

M590 BESPOKE Gloss Powdercoated Wheels By Avant Garde
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Another very popular type of rims/wheels is the M590 BESPOKE Gloss Powdercoated Wheels by Avant Garde.  This style comes in many different colors and will meet the high quality, design and performance standard that you are searching for.  The difference between these wheels and other whets is that they are created using computer aided engineering and testing.  Once they are designed and created they are put into a specially designed water tank that will x ray them for imperfections that cannot seen by the naked eye.  These wheels come in the standard size and look awesome on your vehicle.


As you can see there are many different types of wheels/rims that can be used on your vehicle.  They come in many different sizes and styles.  You can research online to find out the best ones for your vehicle and you may even be able to order them online and have them delivered directly to your front door.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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