Using Spray 9 Heavy Duty Cleaner On a Grease Soaked Grill

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How do you remove a summers worth of grease and grime from your beloved outdoor barbecue? At the end of every summer season, there exists a certain amount of prep work required for your outdoor appliances and furniture, in order to be stored away properly for the coming winter months. Heavy grease marks and drips must be scrubbed away, which remains a difficult task when remnants have been accumulating for months on end. To only use a scrub brush isn’t adequate, and while there are a few products on the market available designed specifically for this purpose; they can be costly, full of harmful chemicals, and will only provide one function. The benefit of using Spray 9 Heavy Duty Cleaner? Not only can we spray down our outdoor grill, but then turn to our dusty and mildew-soaked outdoor furniture and spray that down, too, resulting in a shockingly clean patio area without the use of bleach.

Armed with a scrub brush and a set of brand new dish gloves, we took to cleaning our over-worked outdoor barbecue. (*Note: the grill was be completely cool prior to cleaning and so should yours if you decide to clean using Spray 9). We sprayed the grill’s metal surface with Spray 9 heavy duty cleaner, then waiting 30 seconds or so for the product to work it’s magic. Once the heavy grime had been soaked in the product, we used the brush to loosen the oily debri and reveal the shiny metal underneath. We could almost hear our grill heave a sigh of relief as suffocated metal began to resurface, giving off a clean gleam we hadn’t seen in months.

Once that job was repeated, there were still a few stubborn pieces of grime hanging on, so we took to repeating the process. We covered the metal in Spray 9 heavy duty cleaner, again waiting 20 seconds or so. Applying the scrub brush, the pieces succumbed to the pressure and fell away. We then polished up the job by buffing the metal with a dry paper towel. Ta-da! A spick-and-span barbecue ready for next year’s grilling season. Woo-hoo!

As for the furniture? Unsightly black mildew and streaks had been bugging us on our wicker furniture for weeks. Still wearing our dish gloves, we sprayed a generous dose of Spray 9 heavy duty cleaner on the mildew. After waiting 10 or so seconds, this task proved to be simple, as the mold and mildew wiped away easily with a paper towel. And once again, all without bleach. See what Spray Nine Heavy Duty can do for you.

We highly recommend the Spray 9 heavy duty cleaner. What we haven’t mentioned yet is the scent. Many cleaning items work okay but the scent leaves much to be desired and there’s nothing worse than putting all that hard work and effort into cleaning your home only to be left with an uncomfortable, lingering smell. The Spray 9 heavy duty cleaner has a neutral smell highlighting the benefits of non-bleach product which we think is a very, very smart move.

Overall, we feel good that our outdoor patio is germ and bacteria free thanks to a multi-use product with the talent to perform more than one unappealing task at once (with ease). Hats off to you, Spray 9.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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