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These guys wrapped an Audi R8 in Christmas paper (VIDEO)

Audi R8 Christmas Wrap
Audi R8 Christmas Wrap

Supercar owner gets into the Christmas spirit with a unique Audi R8 custom wrap.

Vehicle wraps are a great and inexpensive way to customise a car. They’re completely reversible, and the possibilities in terms of material and colour are almost endless.

Some people permanently wrap their cars either to protect the vehicle’s standard paint finish or to completely change the colour of the car. Others do it for special events like the Gumball 3000 rally to help their cars stand out in a field of colourful exotic supercars.

However, we’re not sure anyone has ever wrapped their car specifically for Christmas. With Christmas wrapping paper…

That’s what two British car nuts did with a V10 Audi R8 supercar using cello tape and some supermarket-grade wrapping paper.

The results were surprisingly professional, and certainly unique. Obviously the next thing to do was dress up as Santa Claus, drift around an abandoned round-about and film it for Youtube.

Here’s that bit

Written by Lewis Shaw

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