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Monstrous C7 Z06 Corvette burnout (VIDEO)

C7 Z06 Corvette burnout
C7 Z06 Corvette burnout

This guy did a massive smokey burnout immediately after taking delivery of a brand new C7 Corvette Z06.

‘Screw the break-in period, I’m going to blow the rear tyres to pieces before I leave the dealership.’

Presumably that’s what this guy was thinking when he took delivery of a brand new 650hp C7 Z06 Corvette and immediately proceeded to do a lengthy burnout in the dealership car park.

In any country other than America, you’d be sworn at, called phallic names, chased out of town and maybe even jailed for committing such an act, but people were actually cheering him on. The sales chap even gave the new owner a hearty pat on the back for his efforts. Brilliant!

When you’ve got one of the fastest American-made production cars, you should be able to do a burnout when ever you like – after all, America invented the saying ‘when in doubt, do a burnout’.

The new Z06 Corvette is powered by a 650hp/650lb.ft supercharged 6.2-litre V8, and can hit 62mph in around 3.5 seconds – if you’re careful and not trying to melt the rear tyres, that is.


Written by Lewis Shaw

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