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Tesla Model S destroys Ferrari in street race (VIDEO)

Tesla Model S P85D
Tesla Model S P85D

691hp Tesla Model S P85D embarrasses a V12 Ferrari 575 in a street race.

What ever happened to the phrase ‘there’s no replacement for displacement’? Well, the techno-wizards from Tesla completely rewrote the rulebook with the 416hp BMW M5-rivalling Model S P85 electric car. That game-changer is rear-drive only, but now Tesla has launched an all-wheel drive version with a thumping 691hp – the same as a Lamborghini Aventador.

The Tesla Model S P85D will sprint to 62mph in a scarcely believable 3-ish seconds and can absolutely haul arse. And it doesn’t emit any nasty atmosphere-polluting chemicals or make any real noise. It’s also incredibly luxurious with an interior that the Back to the Future movie directors couldn’t even have imagined. It really does it all. Relentlessly quick, environmentally friendly with unbelievable tech and design from such a young company.

The best thing though, is that it’ll worry most supercars and make mince-meat out of a 508hp V12 Ferrari 575. Here’s video evidence of that.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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