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Old guy wants a Lamborghini supercar with cat badges (VIDEO)

Lamborghini supercar prank
Lamborghini supercar prank

Old guy tries to get a good deal on a Lamborghini supercar by taking off all the unnecessary equipment in hilarious prank video.

You’re old, retired and looking for a new toy to cruise the streets in. Only problem is, modern supercars like Lamborghinis, Ferraris and McLarens all come with lots of stuff a pensioner doesn’t really need. Like a big powerful engine, special paint, chrome exhaust pipes and airbags…. If you got the dealer to remove all these useless items then the car would be more affordable, right?

Another problem with supercars is that they’ve all got showy badges that shout ‘midlife crisis’. And why would you want a badge with a prancing horse or raging bull on it, when the animal you really like is cats?

This prank video sees a guy acting as an old bloke – that’s maybe losing his marbles slightly – try to get a good deal on a Ferrari and Lamborghini supercar in the most unusual of ways….

Written by Lewis Shaw


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