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New baby McLaren supercar rendered

McLaren Sports Series render
McLaren Sports Series render

Upcoming Porsche 911 and Audi R8-rivalling Sports Series McLaren supercar gets rendered. 

McLaren will soon launch a new supercar to sit below the existing 650S and P1 models. The new model, which will be part of the ‘McLaren Sports Series’ range of vehicles, is less powerful than the 650hp 650S but more usable say McLaren and it will be a rival to Audi’s R8 and high performance variants of the Porsche 911.

Though the new McLaren supercar won’t be revealed for another few months, McLaren itself has revealed a string of teaser images, while spy photographers have snapped the car testing in Europe. Using this imagery, Marc Antar has electronically created what he believes will be the new baby McLaren and it looks pretty accurate, too.

McLaren Sports Series teaser image
McLaren Sports Series teaser image

The rear of the new model expected to be called 500S – a reference to the car’s 500hp power output -, will be inspired by both the P1 and 650S models with a rear-bumper and light assembly that is very reminiscent of the hybrid hypercar. Meanwhile the rear wheel arches and engine cover will be derived from the 650S, which the new model will share much of its mechanical make-up with.

However, the 500S is believed to use a longer engine cover to free up more space inside the cabin behind the occupants for luggage as the baby Mac will be positioned as a more everyday usable car. The new model will also feature a unique side-intake design similar to the P1.

The 500S will use a modified version of the 650S’ carbon fibre tub that is believed to feature narrower sills for easier entry and exit, while the car’s 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 will also be used – though detuned to around 500hp for this application. Coupe (pictured), spider and GT body styles are expected to be offered, along with more track-focused variants.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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