David Guetta turns F1 racer in Dangerous video clip (VIDEO)

Lotus F1 team
Lotus F1 team

Lotus F1 team and Romain Grosjean team up with DJ David Guetta for new music video.

Music videos these days are becoming ridiculous quite frankly. Look up Anaconda by Niki Minaj – or don’t and save yourself three minutes of wondering how one’s bottom becomes so disproportionately large. There’s no real story line or meaning behind the video, it’s all about getting attention and for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, we’ve got slightly off topic here. Because, French DJ David Guetta has a new music video out and it’s about F1 racing – or at least it seems to be, Lotus F1 driver Romain Grosjean drives his race car in it and everything! Predictably, teammate Pastor Maldonado does not feature in the clip, presumably he crashed his car in practice before filming begun.

Anyway, enough rambling, check out the video!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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