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New Range Rover Sport SVR Drifted (VIDEO)

New Range Rover Sport SVR
New Range Rover Sport SVR

New high performance Range Rover SUV gets sideways in latest promo video.

Land Rover is about to launch its most powerful and dynamic model ever in the form of the new Range Rover Sport SVR – a supercharged apartment building on wheels that is claimed to handle like a sports car.

Built as a rival to the ballistic performance SUVs from BMW M, AMG and Porsche, the new Range Rover packs 550hp and can hit 62mph in 4.7 seconds. And because the V8 is taken straight from the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe, it sounds exceptionally naughty with all kinds of exhaust crackles and pops which we must remember are falling out of the back of a seven-seat family SUV – the whole idea is hilarious.

The idea of a seven-seater also being able to drift around a racetrack is a similarly entertaining one. The big boxy Range Rover looks quite absurd sliding around a corner with an arm full of opposite lock dialed up, but you do have to admire the team that have worked on the new SVR for having a sense of humor and engineering that kind of adjustability into a luxury SUV. I mean, realistically who’s going to drift their SUV during the school run or during a trip to the shops for milk and biscuits? And who’s actually going to take their Range Rover to a racetrack? Surely if you can afford to buy the range-topping SVR, you can afford a Porsche or something else a bit handy at track-work… Anyway, enjoy the Range Rover Sport SVR doing some skids.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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