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Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs fighter jet drag race (VIDEO)

Challenger Hellcat vs Fighter jet
Challenger Hellcat vs Fighter jet

America’s most powerful production muscle car, the 707hp Challenger Hellcat takes on a fighter jet in an epic race down the runway.

It’s the classic fast car versus some other kind of vehicle race, only the other vehicle isn’t a motorcycle or a boat or even a helicopter. No, the other vehicle is a deadly F16 fighter jet flown by one of the handiest pilots in the business.

The Challenger is the most powerful production muscle car in the world and its mental 6.2-litre supercharged V8 develops a staggering 707hp. SRT claim the Hellcat can hit 60mph in the low three seconds range and cover the quarter mile in a scarcely believable 10.8 seconds. This is a ten second car that you can buy from any Dodge dealership for less than $60,000 with a warranty. They say it even handles relatively well, but lets be honest, the Hellcat is all about going in a straight line fast. Really fast. Which is why the people at Road and Track magazine had a Challenger Hellcat delivered to an airport in Miami to see whether the mighty muscle car would stand a chance against the king of the skies – the F16.

Check out the video to see which high horsepower monster comes out on top.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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