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Hilarious viral Taylor Swift Police dashcam confessional (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift viral video
Taylor Swift viral video

Dover police officer becomes an Internet sensation after laugh-out-loud funny dash cam Taylor Swift viral video was posted on Youtube.

We’ve all done it before. Having a jolly good day when your favorite song comes on the radio to brighten your day ever further and you can’t help but mouth the lyrics and have a bit of a dance… while driving. Eminem usually gets me in the gangster driving pose with one hand resting casually on the wheel while I nod along with the beat and pretend I know the lyrics. Personally, the same can’t be said for Taylor Swift’s anthems of break ups and falling over but getting up again. I generally try to avoid the girl as much as possible, and switch stations whenever her lyrics start to play – not because I think I’m too manly to listen to her music, but because I know her words will be stuck in my mind all day.

Anyway, we’ve gotten slightly off topic here. The point is this, a police man who was most likely out collecting the daily donuts and hourly coffee from his local pastry institution has been caught not just singing along to Taylor Swift, but dancing like it’s 1999. And it wasn’t just his driver-facing dashcam that caught him busting a move either, because several times during the video he nods, waves and winks at other motorists and pedestrians. It’s brilliant, but one does have to wonder if it’s actually real or not… We’ll let you decide for yourself. Check out the viral Taylor Swift video below.


Written by Lewis Shaw

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