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An evening with Top Gear – series 22 preview (VIDEO)

An evening with Top Gear
An evening with Top Gear

Missed the An Evening with Top Gear series 22 preview with Clarkson, Hammond and May? Fear not, we have the full video here.

Top Gear are really sprucing up their new series, which will begin this Sunday. There have been several trailers, including that hilarious Lego video, and a couple of days ago the three hosts got together with a slightly annoying talk show host to banter, answer questions from fans and discuss the upcoming series. The whole thing went for nearly an hour and was live streamed across the world on Youtube. Problem is, some countries weren’t allowed to see it live, or due to time zone science it was shown at some ridiculous hour of the morning.

However, the whole video has since been uploaded to the Top Gear Youtube channel so anyone with access to the Internet can see what unfolded at the Evening with Top Gear show and get a glimpse at some of the films that will be part of the show’s 22nd series and Hammond stranded on a freezing cold Canadian mountain….

Check out the full video below.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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