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New Ford Focus RS hot hatch teased (VIDEO)

Ford Focus RS
Ford Focus RS

If this quick teaser video is anything to go by, the new Ford Focus RS could be the new hot hatch drift king.

Ford will soon launch the new generation Focus RS hyper hatch, which will sit above the existing Focus ST and compete with cars like the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, Audi RS3 and Volkswagen Golf R. You’ll have noticed that all the cars listed are all-wheel drive and traditionally the Focus RS has been a strictly front-drive only affair. However, it’s believed this new version will break the mold and send its power to both ends and for the first time be offered only in five-door form.

The new Focus RS is expected to use the new 2.3-litre Ecoboost turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the Mustang Ecoboost with an output approaching 350hp – the four-cylinder Mustang makes 310hp. As with the Focus ST, the new RS will likely only be available in six-speed manual guise and should feature bespoke suspension componentry and tuning compared to the lesser ST variants. The teaser video below shows the new Focus RS being thrown around race track and there’s plenty of tail-out oversteer which suggests the new RS will retain the entertaining chassis balance of the Focus and Fiesta ST models, but should pack a chunk more grip thanks to bigger and stickier tyres and, potentially, an all-wheel drive system. The new Ford Focus RS will be revealed on February 3.

Check out the teaser video below.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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