Jeremy Clarkson to sign three year deal with Top Gear

Top Gear
Top Gear

Rumour has it Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will continue to make Top Gear for at least another three years.

It’s been quite a controversial past twelve months for the world’s favorite car show Top Gear, though the show must go on according to British newspaper the Mirror.

The controversy started when a video which allegedly showed Clarkson mumbling a racist term was leaked, fuelling calls to sack Clarkson and axe Top Gear. Then there was the whole Argentina episode with the offensive number plate which Top Gear and its hosts still claim wasn’t done on purpose as a poor attempt at humor. And of course, there’s always the ecomentalists – as Clarkson calls them – who want the show stopped because burning fuel, tyres and the occasional caravan in the name of entertainment just isn’t ethical, apparently.

But despite these recent occurrences, Top Gear is still the BBC’s most profitable show and much of its success comes down to the three hosts so the executives will do anything to keep it going for as long as possible. And that means Top Gear should be around until at least 2018 if speculation that all hosts are in the process of signing on with the show for another three years is true, which is excellent news for anyone cars or who enjoys watching fat middle-age men fall over and drive around…

Written by Lewis Shaw

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