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Ken Block drifts new Ford Focus RS (VIDEO)

Internet sensation and pro drifter, Ken Block, drives the new Ford Focus RS the only way he knows how in new viral video.

There has been hype around the new Ford Focus RS pretty much since the old model disappeared in 2009. And yesterday it almost broke the Internet Kim Kardashian style when it was revealed in Cologne Germany. The new RS is an all-wheel drive turbocharged rocket ship with over 316hp a manual gearbox and clever torque vectoring system which Ford claims allows the Focus to perform controlled drifts. What better way to test that theory than to get the Drift King himself, Ken Block – who also happens to be sponsored by the Blue Oval –, to take the car for a spin (literally) around the German Ford factory.

In the video below Ken Block drives a prototype version of the new Focus RS, which is essentially an old ST with all the new RS bits bolted on – it’s a bit of a snotter parts bin special but drives exactly like the car you’ll soon be able to buy from your local dealership. The video also gives us our first proper listen to the new car’s 2.3-litre Ecoboost four-cylinder turbo engine, which despite being somewhat less exotic than the old five-cylinder mill (it’s similar to the Mustang’s engine), still sounds decidedly sporting. There’s plenty of whoosh from the turbo and some nice farts from the exhaust system that give should give the RS a tuner car feel. Anyway, enough chatter. Watch the video.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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