Good Drivers Pay Less for Car Insurance

It is recommended to review your car insurance policy every time it expires, and do some research to see if you can get a cheaper policy for the same coverage. You can compare car insurance quotes from several companies online, but before you select one, there are some things you can do to reduce the cost of the policy. 

A Good Driving Record

Most companies consider your driving record when they give you a quote. If you have no at-fault accidents or traffic citations for the past few years, you will be seen as a low-risk driver. It may also help to successfully complete a driver’s education course. However, before doing this, ask your insurance company if it will reduce the cost of the policy. 

Consider Multiple Policies

Some insurance companies will give you lower rates if you buy your home, life and car insurance from them. If your family has several cars, you may get a lower rate if you insure several drivers and/or vehicles with the same company. To qualify for this bulk rate, multiple drivers or cars must live at the same address and be related by blood or marriage. If two non-related people want this type of discount, they usually must be joint owners of the car. 

Raise Your Credit Rating 

Insurance companies also evaluate risk by looking at your credit rating. This is because they consider people who keep their financial situation in order are more careful in other areas of their life such as driving. This may or may not be true, but your credit rating may be a factor when the insurance company looks into your record. In any case, a high credit rating will only benefit you in all areas of your finances. 

Install an Anti-Theft Device

Many companies will lower your rate if you have an anti-theft device on your car. You need to ask your agent if there are any recommended devices. LowJacks and car alarms are two types that may be useful. Another factor may be where you park your car at night. If it’s parked on the street in a high-theft neighborhood, you insurance rates will be higher. If it’s parked in a locked garage, there’s a chance you can get a lower rate. 

Your insurance agent will be happy to answer your questions. It’s worth taking the time to ask about ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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