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Behind the scenes on that Fast and Furious 7 plane drop scene (VIDEO)

Plane drop scene
Plane drop scene

The creators of Furious 7 have launched a new video that goes behind the scenes of that epic plane drop scene, and it’s awesome. 

If you haven’t already seen the extended trailer for Furious 7 which shows the plane drop scene go and watch it here, then come back. OK, you’re back, now you can check out how that scene was filmed at 12,000 feet above the ground in a new video launched by the creators of the seventh Fast and Furious movie. And it is awesome. There are no computer generated images (CGI) at all, they literally got the cars they needed, gave them parachutes and launched them out the back of an aircraft carrier along with a group of very brave camera men.

So those few seconds where you see under the Dodge Challenger as it plummets towards the earth were filmed by a bloke sitting under the car. It’s extremely cool.

The Fast and Furious 7 movie hits cinemas in under a months time on April 3, starring Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, The Rock, Jason Stratham and the late Paul Walker.

Check out the video below, and to read more about the upcoming Fast and Furious 7 movie, click HERE.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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