No Top Gear this week, reports Clarkson will be fired

Top Gear
Top Gear

The investigation into Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson continues, with reports suggesting he hospitalised a producer. 

The suits at Top Gear have released an official statement regarding next week’s show, stating that it will not air following an investigation into the actions of presenter Jeremy Clarkson who reportedly punched a producer.

The matter is currently being investigated by the director of BBC Scotland, and further episodes of Top Gear will be postponed until the investigation is complete.

Fans of the show are genuinely devastated, and an online petition calling for Clarkson to be re-instated has received in excess of 800,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, there have been reports claiming to have inside knowledge on what went down the day the controversial Clarkson made headlines.

It’s being reported by the U.K’s Mirror that the Clarkson’s swing hospitalized producer Oisin Tymon after calling him a “lazy Irish c***”.

Apparently Clarkson was angry after he and his co-presenters were ferried by helicopter from the Top Gear track to a film location about two hours away where hot food was not immediately available.

This incident lead to a lengthy dispute and the eventual punch. It’s believed Clarkson may have been intoxicated at the time.

It’s all looking pretty bad for Clarkson. If the rumours turn out to be true, he probably doesn’t deserve to keep his job.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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