Cash Guide: How to Maximise Your Vehicle’s Value Before Selling

We all love our cars – after all the Telegraph tells us that we spend more time driving then we do socialising. So when it comes to trading in our cars it’s important that we get the best value possible so that we can invest in another vehicle so good that we’ll shun a social life even further! But how do you go about that?

Make it Appealing

If you were selling your home you wouldn’t let a viewer see it without running a vacuum around, making sure there isn’t any dirty laundry lurking around and a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. So why would anyone want to buy your car if it smells of old cigarette smoke and is covered in dents and scratches? It may cost a little bit of time and effort, but it will give your car a higher value, making that potential sell much more likely.

Get it professionally cleaned (inside and out!) if necessary and either look to repair small dents and scratches yourself, or take it to a local garage if you’re not confident or don’t have time.

The Season to Sell

Take into consideration the type of car you have and when may be the best time to sell it. A convertible is more likely to sell during the summer than the winter, taking this into consideration and holding off on the sell could put extra pennies in your pocket. For more information on how to sell your car, we found this website really helpful.

Small Checks & Important Maintenance

Make sure that your car has gone through those basic monthly checks you do – change the oil, top up coolant levels, check the tyres and even simple stuff like topping your windscreen washer fluid.

Since new tax regulations came in at the end of 2014, it’s not possible to transfer your tax across owners as you once could – so the possibility of adding that appeal is gone. However, making sure the MOT is up to date is essential, and consider having it serviced – even if the MOT isn’t due for another six months or so.

If it’s Too Far Gone

If your car just has too many dents or has been too badly damaged after an accident and there is no point in trying to sell it on then there is always the option of scrapping and starting again. Sell Your Car 2day will offer fair prices as well as a competitive valuation. They don’t share your details with third parties and the contact form is simple to complete.

By putting in a small amount of effort you can increase the value of your vehicle when it comes to selling. There are always options whatever stage of life your car is at, and there’s always plenty you can do to maximise on its value and increase its appeal. Even if it does require some initial investment, the likelihood of getting the best price for your vehicle is increased in the long run.


Written by Lewis Shaw

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