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Ballsy LaFerrari owner laps Spa in the rain (VIDEO)


Ballsy Ferrari LaFerrari owner man handles 960hp rear-wheel drive monster wearing worn semi-slicks around a wet Spa race track.

Supercar owners often annoy me. Here’s why; a lot of the time supercars like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens are driven by posers around congested cities where you can’t exceed 20mph. These are crazy fast performance cars designed to do well over 200mph, lap race tracks and demolish twisting country roads not sit in traffic on the way to a over-priced cafe that only serves soy-free, wheat-free gypsy nonsense. It’s total nonsense. Instead of lapping the race tracks of the world they’re lapping busy streets revving their engines unnecessarily in neutral to get attention.

And then there’s the problem of driver skill not being as fat as their check book…

However, there are people out there who drive their super fast, super expensive cars properly. The video below shows a bloke in his LaFerrari lapping on of the scariest, fastest and – at the time – wettest tracks on the Formula 1 calendar – Spa in Belgium. Clarkson drove a McLaren P1 in the rain at Spa back when he was still a Top Gear presenter and claimed in typical Clarkson fashion that some pooh may have come out. And that was on normal road tyres designed to be used in the wet.

This chap in his 960hp LaFerrari decided it would be fun to hit the soaked track on a set of worn Pirelli P Zero Corsas – which are pretty much a road-legal semi-slick.

We won’t give the full plot away, but he didn’t crash, made all other cars on track look they were driving in slow motion, and gave many dabs off opposite lock to keep control of the LaFerrari – even through the infamous fast Eau Rouge corner.

Check out the awesome video below.

Written by Lewis Shaw


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