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The last ever Top Gear episode (VIDEO)

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson

Unseen footage of the final Top Gear episode ever has been released following the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson by the BBC. 

Fans of Top Gear haven’t been taking the news of Jeremy Clarkson’s sacking lightly. They haven’t gone completely insane like fans of One Direction member Zayne who quit the band on the same day of Clarkson’s sacking. Those fans have been taking sick days on the grounds of ‘compassion’ and even self-harming in some cases, which is a bit pathetic.

Top Gear fans have been much more reasonable. The end of the show as we know it is a great tragedy and there has been some general grieving on social media, but an inside look at what was to be the final ever episode of Top Gear should serve as a comfortable shoulder to sob on… It’s only a short clip about 1 minute in length but it is at least some new unseen footage that will be more than welcomed after having zero new Top Gear content for the last two weeks.

Check out the video below.

James May’s priceless reaction to Jeremy Clarkson’s sacking – including exquisite pink hat.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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