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McLaren P1 vs Nissan GT-R street race (VIDEO)

McLaren P1 vs Nissan GT-R
McLaren P1 vs Nissan GT-R

When a McLaren P1 supercar pulls up alongside a Nissan GT-R at the lights the only reasonable thing to do is stage a little drag race.

The Nissan GT-R has long been one of the fastest accelerating performance cars in the world, capable of cracking 62mph in under three seconds. When it launched it was one of the few cars available to boldly claim a sub-three second sprint time, but with the arrival of the three hybrid hypercars from Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren the sub-three club has grown significantly.

The video below shows what happens when a 903hp McLaren P1 pulls up alongside a modified Nissan GT-R at the lights. This isn’t a proper drag race that’s truly representative of each car’s relative performance and neither cars used launch control. We also don’t know exactly how much power the GT-R is punching out or what specific modifications it’s running.

While the video isn’t completely representative, it is at least interesting to see what two seriously quick supercars can do to the average car with the throttle planted.

Check out the viral video below.

Note: the McLaren P1 didn’t appear to go full throttle until a second or so after the GT-R.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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