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The Fast and Furious Supra is for sale!

Fast and Furious Supra
Fast and Furious Supra

One of the original Toyota Supra stunt cars driven by Paul Walker in the first Fast and Furious movie will be auctioned next month. 

Get your cheque books ready Fast and Furious movie fans, because one of the franchise’s most iconic cars will soon be auctioned off. That’s right, the original ‘ten second car’ could be yours for what is presumably a rather large sum of money. Driven by Paul Walker’s character Brian in the original The Fast and The Furious movie from 2001, this particular stunt car was used throughout the film – specifically in one of the final scenes where the Supra jumps across a railroad while racing Dom’s Charger.

And while it may have looked extremely fast in the movie, with its scenery blurring nitrous and 22-speed manual gearbox, this Supra isn’t actually very fast. There’s no twin-turbo 2JZ straight six engine under the bonnet, with the stunt car using the less powerful (and cheaper) non-turbo version which delivers just 220hp to the rear wheels. Definitely not enough to keep up with the Ferrari F355 the Supra drags on the way to race wars, or indeed cover the quarter mile in ten seconds. Still, if the lucky new owner were to swap out the aspirated engine for the proper turbo one, they’d have one hell of a car.

The stunt car was built by ‘The Shark Shop’ in California and features a full roll cage, stripped interior, beefed up suspension, heavy duty fuel tank, race seats, body kit and those awesome alloy wheels. In all over fifty stunt cars were built for the film, most of which were wrecked during production.

The car will be sold by Mecum Auction’s 28th Original Spring Classic which is held between the 12th and 17th of May.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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