Jeremy Clarkson’s final Top Gear episodes will be shown

Top Gear
Top Gear

A BBC boss has confirmed that the remaining films from Top Gear season 22 will be aired despite Jeremy Clarkson fracas. 

Jeremy Clarkson may have been sacked by the BBC, but he is set to make an on-screen return for the broadcaster as the final episodes of Top Gear are set to air. According to The Lad Bible, a BBC boss has confirmed that the remaining scenes from the final Top Gear series will be aired at some point.

The BBC boss said, “no way would I want the available material not to be seen by viewers. Jeremy will be back on the BBC.” Apparently there is enough pre-recorded footage for another three episodes of Top Gear, only the studio sequences that normally link the films together are missing with Clarkson, Hammond and May now unavailable. The remaining Top Gear films are expected to to air sometime during the English summer.

Meanwhile, Clarkson has alluded to the fact that he, Hammond and May are working on a new motoring show away from the BBC. Clarkson suggested that in many situations the show was hampered by the BBC’s corporate views and that this is what ultimately killed the show. It is expected details of the new show will be revealed later this year.

As for the re-invention of the BBC’s Top Gear, the show looks to be taking a completely new direction with talks of a female presenter being part of the show. The same BBC boss that revealed the final episodes of Top Gear as we know it would be shown has been toying with the idea of a female presenter for the new Top Gear.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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