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Lewis Hamilton takes delivery of McLaren P1 in Monaco (VIDEO)

Lewis Hamilton McLaren P1
Lewis Hamilton McLaren P1

Lewis Hamilton has taken delivery of his brand new McLaren P1 supercar in Monaco just days after winning the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Current Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has treated himself to one of the world’s fastest and most exclusive supercars, the McLaren P1. Just 499 P1’s will ever be built, and this 903hp hybrid rocket ship can accelerate from 0-62mph in under three seconds and 0-184mph in around 16 seconds. This phenomenal performance comes curtesy of a 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine, which is supplemented by a pair of electric motors to give a total of 903hp.

The P1 also features one of the most aggressive and advanced aerodynamic packages ever fitted to a production car, capable of delivering 600kg of downforce in Race mode. In Race mode the P1’s massive rear wing fully extends and the car lowers right down to the ground. In fact, the McLaren P1 is so extreme in its Race mode that it’s actually illegal to use this setting on the road.

Thanks to its electric motors, the P1 can also be driven in silent emissions-free electric mode for around 6 miles. Even without the V8 engine in use, the P1 is just as fast as a Golf GTI or Fiesta ST – both decently fast cars.

Lewis Hamilton took delivery of his unique McLaren P1 in Monaco earlier this week, just days after winning the Bahrain Grand Prix. The car is finished in a unique electric blue colour with special blue pinstripes on the wheels and body. Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton can be seen collecting the McLaren P1 in the video below (he’s the guy wearing the blue clothes and hat).

Written by Lewis Shaw

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