New Top Gear hosts to be Jodie Kidd, Guy Martin and Philip Glenister

Jodie Kidd
Jodie Kidd

If reports out of the UK are to be believed, Top Gear’s reinvention for 2016 will include a new female host alongside motorbike superstar. 

The Sunday Express is reporting that the BBC has signed its new hosts of Top Gear as the show gets reinvented for 2016 after the Clarkson fracas which saw Clarkson, Hammond and May leave the BBC. If true, new Top Gear will be hosted by Jodie Kidd who currently presents The Classic Car Show, motorcycle legend Guy Martin from Speed with Guy Martin and Philip Glenister who currently hosts For The Love Of Cars.

The source of this information is claimed to have come from Top Gear producer Andy Wilman who was overheard speaking with singer and car nut Jay Kay. The source obviously is a little unreliable, especially given that producer Andy Wilman was spotted in public with Clarkson and the crew a few days ago and he’s tipped to join their new show.

The key to Top Gear’s success has always been the chemistry between hosts Clarkson, Hammond and May. Without those three, it’s unlikely the show can continue and be successful in its current format of car-based entertainment. One thing’s certain, the general public is very keen to see Clarkson, Hammond and May again whether as Top Gear or under some other banner.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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