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Homeless man drives Chevrolet Corvette (VIDEO)

Homeless Corvette
Homeless Corvette

The internet is full of car-related viral prank videos, but this one is a little different and will warm your heart as a homeless man’s day is made. 

All of those funny entertaining viral prank videos are great, but actually helping someone and changing their life for the better is far more powerful. Raising awareness for something meaningful is also pretty cool. This viral video shows a couple of Youtubers that would ordinarily be pranking or picking up girls help a homeless man and really make his day. First they tell the homeless man they’re going to let him drive their new bright red Chevy Corvette convertible sports car. Initially he’s a bit apprehensive, as you might be if a couple of random teenagers came and asked if you’d like to drive their Corvette. But if he accepts, he’s in for one hell of a treat thanks to these Youtube pranksters.

I won’t reveal any more, you’ll have to watch the genuinely heart-warming video below to see what happens next.

Lesson: be grateful for what you have, somewhere there’s always someone out there that’s doing it tougher than you are, try to do what you can to help others.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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