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Self-parking car fail viral video (VIDEO)

viral video
viral video

When this new Volvo owner was showing off their new car’s ‘self-park’ feature they didn’t realise it would become a funny viral video hit!

Not every feature you read in a brochure or see in a marketing video comes as standard. Often these features, especially the high-tech ones, are optional extras that buyers need to pay extra money for. Tip: always read the fine print, especially before you demonstrate your new car’s ‘self-parking’ feature by driving it into a group of people.

When this guy got his brand new Volvo XC60, he assumed that it would have the ‘self-park’ system fitted. The feature works by using a forward facing camera that can detect obstacles and people ahead and automatically apply the brakes if it thinks a collision might be about to occur. It’s something that has become pretty common on new cars these days, and is available on everything from Subarus to luxury cars like Mercedes and BMWs. But, it’s usually an optional extra or part of a technology or safety pack that buyers pay extra for.

But when this guy decided to demonstrate the feature by driving at a group of people he wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Check out the full viral video below to see what happens…

Written by Lewis Shaw

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