Hammond and May reject £4 million Top Gear BBC offer

Top Gear
Top Gear

Hammond and May have reportedly rejected a £4 million BBC offer to rejoin Top Gear without Clarkson, while a new rumours of a new Netflix show grow stronger.

The BBC has reportedly offered Richard Hammond and James May £4 million each to return to Top Gear. However, the pair are about to decline the generous offer because they’re starting a new Netflix show with Clarkson and former Top Gear producer and long-time friend of Clarkson’s Andy Willman. Of course, nothing is official yet, but insiders suggest the trio is very close to signing a big-money deal with the paid TV service, while no amount of money would persuade Hammond and May to return to the BBC without Clarkson.

As for the remaining unaired Top Gear episodes, apparently they’re being edited together into one long episode right now and will air at some point during the British summer which officially commenced a few days ago. The new Clarkson, Hammond and May TV show will probably become official after the final episode airs.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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