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The last ever Top Gear episode trailer (VIDEO)

Top Gear
Top Gear

The BBC has released a trailer for what will be the last ever Top Gear episode to air with Clarkson, Hammond and May as hosts.

The BBC promised it would air the final footage of Top Gear season 22, and now it looks to have delivered the goods. The BBC has launched a trailer for an upcoming Top Gear special which will include all of the unseen footage stitched into one extra long episode which is expected to air some time in the next few weeks. All we know about the remaining footage is that it includes a used 4×4 cheap car challenge which judging by the trailer you can see below should be rather entertaining.

Of course, Top Gear became a complete shambles after Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer on set some months ago forcing the BBC to fire him. His co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May then refused to film any more of Top Gear without Clarkson, and they eventually left the BBC as well. The three have spent the last few weeks completing their pre-scheduled Top Gear Live arena tour which has since been rebranded as Clarkson, Hammond and May Live.

It’s believed the the three are preparing to start their own motoring show for Netflix with former Top Gear producer Andy Willman. A trailer for what could be the show was shown at one of the live events last week.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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