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James May reviews the Ferrari 488 GTB without Top Gear (VIDEO)

James May
James May

Former Top Gear presenter James May has been driving the new Ferrari 488 GTB, but not for Top Gear, rather for the Sunday Times.

It seems former Top Gear presenter James May has been keeping himself busy over the past few weeks despite being more or less jobless at the moment. If you follow his personal Youtube channel you’ll have seen his cooking videos and musical performances from his living room. And if you haven’t been following that intently, you’ll probably have seen him being interviewed on his doorstep while wearing various comical hats.

The last few weeks appear to have been more productive for the Top Gear presenter, who took part in the various Clarkson, Hammond and May Live arena tours with his colleagues Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson who caused the whole debacle some months ago after punching a Top Gear producer. James has also been driving and reviewing cars, but not in the luxurious fashion he once did. The Sunday Times newspaper’s motoring publication sent James on the launch of the new Ferrari 488 GTB in Italy where he presented a short review video of the supercar.

It doesn’t include the Top Gear malarky we’ve become used too and James doesn’t appear to become lost at any point during the video.

Check it out.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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