Ken Block almost crashes the Hoonicorn at Goodwood (VIDEO)

Ken Block

Professional hoon and tyre wrecker Ken Block took his 1965 ‘Hoonicorn’ Mustang up the Goodwood hill climb and almost crashed with Lord March on board. 

Ken Block was one of the stars of this years Goodwood Festival of Speed, taking driving duties in the new Ford Focus RS and his own ‘Hoonicorn’ Ford Mustang drift car. Ken Block’s run up the hill in the all-wheel drive Focus RS which he helped develop was relatively tame none of the usual tyre smoking antics we’re used to seeing from Block, but the stint in the V8 all-wheel drive Mustang drift car was very different.

For the run up the hill in the ‘Stang, Ken Block took Lord March – the guy who hosts the Goodwood Festival of Speed at his castle every year – along for the ride. Keen to show off his skills, Block whipped the Hoonicorn through the second corner, got the back end out but wasn’t able to catch the slide quick enough! The result was an embarrassing off that almost saw Ken Block stuff the V8 Mustang into the hay bails with boss Lord March onboard. After the incident Ken Block continued up the hill in his usual smokey fashion, though we suspect he might’ve been holding back slightly after that near miss.

Check out the full video above.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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