Ferrari LaFerrari drifts and almost crashes (VIDEO)

Ferrari LaFerrari supercar driver pulls an awesome drift on the street but forgets there’s a Citroen coming the other way in this viral video. 

We hate to sound like Mom and Dad, but there’s a time and place for doing smokey burnouts and drifts. While it is definitely possible to drift on the street in relative safety, it’s good to check your surroundings for any other cars before lighting up the rear tyres and hanging the back end out – especially when you’re driving a million dollar Ferrari LaFerrari supercar with 960hp. The chap in the video below probably has some driving talent but he comes too close to comfort, almost cleaning up a Citroen coming the opposite way as he pulls onto the road sideways with a boot full of throttle. He gathers it all up before he gets to the oncoming Citroen but as he shifts into second gear the LaFerrari takes leap for the scenery in the direction of the poor Citroen.

You can check out the full video below, but remember don’t endanger other people to show off – keep it to the empty roads or the race track.


Written by Lewis Shaw

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