Check Out What Happens When Your Lamborghini Goes Up In Flames

The owner of a rare Lamborghini says he is “absolutely gutted” after he watched as his rare £200,000 supercar was ravaged in a fire.

The black Lamborghini 6 Litre Diablo VT could be seen with flames shooting from the rear after it caught ablaze at around noon yesterday.

Fire crews attended the scene in Brentwood, Essex, and extinguished the blaze but the vehicle was left with catastrophic damage.

The devastated owner said the swanky motor was one of only 30 right hand cars built in that model and was imported specially from New Zealand.


The “irreplaceable” 550 HP supercar , made in 2001, had only been in the hands of the driver for a year with just 8,000 miles on the clock.

The owner, who did not want to be named, said: “I was coming round the corner at the roundabout at Queens Road when I started to see smoke coming out of the back.

“I thought it was the clutch and then it started to go away.

“I stopped there in the middle of the road next to Shenfield Common just short of the traffic and I was going to pull up but then the fire started.

“I got out, called the fire service – who were really quick in arriving.

“The whole of the back was alight with flames coming out of the hole in the back.

“I am going to see if it can be repaired. But if the insurance company says it is a write off I’m going to try to buy it off them.”

PAY-The-owner-of-a-rare-Lamborghini 2

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service quickly extinguished the flames after receiving numerous calls about the incident.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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