Toyota Has Promised Driverless Cars By 2020

Toyota has become the latest car manufacturer to test a driverless vehicle on a public road.


So, the modified LEXUS GS has been tested on a closed Expressway in Tokyo where a variety of manoeuvres have been carried out. This includes merging into other highways, changing lanes and keeping certain distances from other cars.

The company have said that they aim to have these cars for sale by ‘around 2020’ which matches up with the Tokyo hosting the Olympic games.

Toyota have said that this car will use multiple external sensors to recofnise nearby cars and hazards in order to work out the best routes and lanes to take depending on the destination.

Based on these data inputs, it “automatically operates the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes” to drive in much the same way as a person would, said the firm.

In its current iteration, however, the car can only be operated in the more straightforward driving conditions of a main road.

The company said it expected to bring such a car to market by 2020, but has not said whether it will offer vehicles suitable for city streets.


Written by Lewis Shaw


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