The Greatest Lamborghini Ever Made.

According to Balboni anyway.

Only around 750 were built. That may at first seem like a decent amount, but consider this: over 14,000 Gallardo’s were produced. The Lamborghini Miura is, undoubtedly, the most exclusive and special Lamborghini ever to roll out of the gates of the Sant’Agata factory. But don’t think this is only our opinion, it’s also that of famed Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni. Speaking to Road and Track, the now retired but forever legendary 66-year-old Balboni reflected on a very different era of car production.
For example, Ferrucio Lamborghini not only allowed, but encouraged an open door policy for customers and guests. By contrast, Ferrari was quite secretive. There was also no official warranty policy; Lamborghini still maintained its cars for years. Customers not only came in person to pick up their new Lambos, but also went for test drives with none other than Balboni behind the wheel; they wanted to “talk to the test driver, because, the test driver was God or savior or whatever.” But what was Balboni’s personal favorite car? After all, he’s driven them all. In the past he often said they were all his favorite, but this time he outright admitted the Miura owns his heart, and he’s “convinced that a car like this, maintained the right way, and driven, it will last forever.”

Written by Lewis Shaw

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