The RX-Vision Concept Has To Be Mazda’s Most Beautiful Car.



Ever since Mazda discontinued the RX-8 back in 2011 gearheads have been eagerly awaiting the day when a successor would emerge. That hope seemed misguided at times but reports slowly started to trickle out that a new rotary powered sports car was in the works. The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show was chosen as the site where Mazda would show off its new RX. Despite a leak the week before everything went off without a hitch and we are pleased to bring you the Mazda RX-Vision.

This concept was unveiled during a press conference to kick off the press days at the Tokyo Motor Show. As it’s still a fresh reveal little is known, save for what Mazda has let slip. Powering the rear wheels of the RX-Vision is a front-mounted SkyActiv-R rotary engine. Mazda calls this engine “next generation,” which signals that it’s much more than just a concept, just like the car itself. Not much else was revealed, except for that it seats just two. What little we do currently know comes from the photos Mazda released. They show a gorgeous grand tourer with smooth lines, further reinforcing the fact that the automaker’s Kodo design language is one of the best around.
The headlights cut into the hood at a sharp angle, creating the automotive equivalent of eyelashes. The taillights are so small as to be nonexistent and sit below a small spoiler, a minimalist approach that we really like. The lip spoiler and rear diffuser give the RX-Vision a performance-oriented look. The interior is woefully Spartan but this is a concept car, so expect a few gizmos and touchscreens to be present on the final version. We’ll know more as the show goes on but from what we’ve seen the RX-Vision is an absolute knockout.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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