The Sexiest McLaren Wrap Ever?

This one is ready for a space journey.

In line with its name, California-based Impressive Wrap has carved out some incredibly impressive customized wrap designs on numerous high-end vehicles. One of its recent projects that really caught our attention was the wrap applied to a gorgeous new McLaren650S. It goes without saying that the 650S is stunning on its own merit without any additional aftermarket modifications. After all, the British-built supercar not only looks beautiful, but it is a superb performer to say the very least.
That’s because the 650S has a ferocious 641-hp 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine capable of rapidly launching it into the stratosphere. This McLaren’s rocket-like capability is what makes this incredible Galaxy Chrome wrap look so fitting, and reminds of this equally spectacular Galaxy-wrapped Aventador Roadster. The awesome blue, purple, pink and white color scheme just scream for extra attention and really set this McLaren apart from other supercars. What do you think of the way this wrap looks on the McLaren 650S?

Written by Lewis Shaw

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