Another Clarkson Scandal And This Time He Could Be In Prison.

This man is basically a walking scandal factory.

Jeremy Clarkson’s rambunctious attitude is what made “Top Gear” the motoring mega show that it was, but his words and actions also landed him in a lot of trouble. The crew narrowly escaped Argentina after angry locals raided their five-star hotel with the intent to kill Clarkson. The rioters chased the trio and crew out of Argentina and pelted their cars with rocks as they fled. The anger was over a license plate on Clarkson’s Porsche that may have referenced the 1982 Falklands war, in which Argentina surrendered to the UK.
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Now, a case against Clarkson is being reopened with the charge of falsification after he swapped out the license plate ahead of the riot. The case was originally dropped but has been reopened after prosecutors in Argentina got three judges to appeal the case. The appeal was backed by Osvaldo Hillar, a Falklands war veteran who submitted an official complaint against the “Top Gear” crew and who has been called to give evidence. Members of the show may be called to Argentina to testify and if convicted, Clarkson and his crew may face up to three years of prison in Argentina. It is extremely unlikely that the UK would extradite Clarkson, but this means that Clarkson would never be able to go to Argentina again.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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