Someone Has Made A 1000HP Stingray.

And here’s how they did it.

The 2015 Corvette Z06 is arguably one the most ferocious performance vehicles to ever roll out of the Chevrolet factory. For American auto enthusiasts, the 2015 Z06 also happens to be one of the most badass rides to modify due to its incredible potential for massive increases in performance output. So when Ohio based American auto tuner Weapon X Motorsports got its hands on one of these C7 Corvette’s, the team absolutely went to town on it. The full list of modifications is far too extensive to detail, but these are some of the most notable changes.
To begin with, Weapon X completely stripped down the Stingray and overhauled the transmission. They also re-fitted a re-sleeved Gen V LT1 engine with a 4.125-inch bore, added custom Wiseco pistons, installed a Nitrous Express direct-port system, ported the stock throttle body, added American Racing 2-inch headers, a Billy Boat Fusion 3-inch exhaust and a Halltech CKN carbon-fiber 100mm cold-air intake. The aerodynamics and look of the vehicle were also enhanced with custom blue paint and a widebody kit with a carbon-fiber splitter, spoiler and rocker blades. The Stingray also sits on a set of forged PUR Wheels. All told this incredible fully customized Z06 produces a whopping 884 rwhp at the rear wheels (1077 hp).527410 527411 527412 527413 527414 527415 527416

Written by Lewis Shaw

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