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Range Rover Drives Over A Bridge Made Of Paper (VIDEO)

Can you even imagine how a range rover can drive over a bridge made of paper?!

Publicity stunts by companies are typically blatant pleas for media attention. Often, they barely deserve a glance, but this one from Land Rover bucks the trend.

It’s not the fact that a Range Rover was involved, or JLR’s hope that we’ll be reminded that the new Range has lost a boatload of weight due to its aluminum construction. What we care about here is: How the hell did this guy make a bridge out of 54,390 sheets of paper?

And it’s not paper fused in place by some mystical NASA-invented glue, or bolted together, or paper resting on some hidden framework. No. This bridge—built in Suzhou, China, by artist and bridge designer Steve Messam—is made entirely out of the same paper you could buy at your local store. And then the giant Range Rover drives over it like it’s no big deal, up and down crazy angles that must have ensured driver Chris Zhou required a spare pair of undies.

The video above nicely tells the tale as to how you make a bridge entirely out of paper. It’s quite clever, and yet impossibly simple. I suppose good publicity stunts allow you to gloss over the real reason this gimmick was created. In this case, I couldn’t give two hoots about the Range. I mean, bridge. Made entirely of paper. That’s pretty cool.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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